Join us for the next Mobilization-SDSU conference on Protest, Resistance, and Democratic Retreat June 9-10, 2023!

We are planning a major international gathering of social movement scholars in San Diego on June 9-10, 2023. Previous conferences confirm the popularity of intimate collegial gatherings of 100 plus engaged scholars—a perfect size for relaxed discussion, schmoozing, and intellectual engagement on topics that interest you. We will ponder where the field has come from and where it is headed, theoretically and methodologically, in these challenging times. We invite everyone to attend, from established scholars to our field's newest innovators and thinkers. The theme focuses on protest, organizing, and resistance in times of democratic retreat—a topic broad enough that a place for your current research awaits. Please plan to join us next year for a collegial and engaging gathering, plus a celebration of Mobilization's silver anniversary.