Call for Papers

The conference is planned as an informal and friendly gathering to present your current work, discuss it with others, network, and, generally, ponder new trends and directions in which our field is going. Plenary sessions will focus on strategies, tactics, and nonviolent approaches to political resistance in illiberal democracies. Submissions on a range of topics in our field are invited for paper sessions. Organizers will accommodate all submissions by assigning papers to thematic sessions such as

  • Immigration and social movements
  • Identity movements
  • Strategies of nonviolence
  • Tactical variation and movement outcomes
  • Radicalism in contemporary movements
  • Trends in social movement theory/critical perspectives
  • Violent versus nonviolent strategies
  • Contemporary issues and popular protest
  • Social media, digital technologies, and repertoire shift
  • Crossnational and historical analysis
  • And more, depending on submissions

Abstracts are due January 31, 2019.

You are welcome to contact Mobilization’s publication office directly if you have any questions: