Preliminary Program

Previous conferences were great successes. Last year we had 100 scholars in attendance, 92 presentations,  24 sessions and 4 plenary sessions. Download last year’s program (.pdf) to see the scope of sessions and papers. Plenary sessions the 2019 conference will focus on the theme, “Resistance and its Repression in Illiberal Democracies, East and West.” Plenary speakers for the 2019 conference are still to be arranged, but we promise engaging sessions on this important topic.  Below are speakers from last year’s conference.

Pam Oliver, Wisconsin, on Racial Politics and Resistance
Belinda Robnett, UC Irvine, on the Racial-Ethnic Discourse of Black Organizations
Andy Andrews,  North Carolina, on Strategic Escalation during the Civil Rights Struggle
Josh Bloom, Pittsburgh, on Mobilizing Black Lives Matter
Rory McVeigh, Notre Dame, on White Nationalist Violence in the Trump Era
Robert Futrell, UNLV, and Peter Simi, Chapman University, on "New" White Supremacy
Walter Nicholls, UC Irvine, on Protest Mobilization and the Sanctuary Movement
Wayne Santoro, and Marian Azab, New Mexico, on Protest, Fear, and Islamic Immigration
Zakiya Luna, UC Santa Barbara, Representation and Race Authenticity in Social Movements
Elelina Burciaga University of Colorado,  and  Lisa Martinez, University of Denver on  Political Contexts and the Undocumented Youth Movement